20th Anniversary Streetcar Art Print Pre Orders

20th Anniversary Streetcar Art Print Pre Orders

8 x 10

Celebrate the Co-op turning 20 with this print of our group art project that features a piece of art by each co-op member. 

This years project was spearheaded by Kiernan Dunn with help from Nick Conner.

A wooded streetcar was designed by Kiernan and cut into 25 different pieces. Each artist then took a piece of the streetcar and created their own artwork on top of the wood base. All the pieces were collected and re-assembled without anyone knowing what the other had created. (We were given color parameters but that was it).

The finished art piece is hanging in the gallery. Be sure to check it out on your next visit.

This is our second group project art project. The first one was a Fleur De Lis. Start your collection today!

Free shipping on all pre-orders while we get the prints made.

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