20th Anniversary Streetcar Art Print

20th Anniversary Streetcar Art Print

11 X 14

Commemorate the Co-op's 20th anniversary with this exclusive print featuring our collaborative art project, showcasing individual contributions from every co-op member.

Led by Kiernan Dunn and assisted by Nick Conner, this year's project involved the creation of a wooded streetcar design. Kiernan crafted the initial design, which was then meticulously cut into 25 distinct pieces. Each co-op artist received a segment and applied their unique artistic touch to the wooden base, following only given color parameters.

The resulting masterpiece, a harmonious blend of diverse artistic expressions, now graces our gallery walls. Experience the surprise and creativity that unfolded as the pieces were reassembled without prior knowledge of each other's contributions. Don't miss the chance to view this collective creation during your next visit to the gallery.

Marking our second group art project after the initial Fleur De Lis endeavor, this print is an ideal addition to your collection. Secure yours today, and the price includes shipping for your convenience.

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We are located at the intersection of Dumaine and Decatur streets in the heart of the French Quarter. Just down from Cafe' DuMonde! Please click on the address provided below to access the map.