Val Wozniak

Val Wozniak

  • A retired social worker, Valerie has been studying Shibori dyeing since 1990. Shibori is an ancient Japanese technique of applying color and pattern to fabric. Valerie works primarily with silk and begins with white fabric. She then paints on color in a variety of patterns. The painted silk is then folded, pleated or sewn into various shapes and bound with string or clamped with objects. These packets are then discharged; a process similar to bleaching and redyeing with another color. This may be done several times. She uses a variety of dyes and processes to achieve the colorful fabric and unusual patterns. The fabric is then used for a variety of garments, accessories and collages.
  • Valerie is an avid traveler and her use of color and style has been influenced by trips to Japan, Morocco,Peru, Bali and Equador. Many of these countries have a version of Shibori which can be found in the market places.
  • Using her backyard as a studio, she can't help but be influenced by the flora and fauna that inhabit her wild life garden, where tree frogs often find shelter in the folds of plastic used to wrap the fabric. Hummingbirds flit between the flowers and lizards watch as she dips the fabric in the dyepot. "I can't imagine a better place to practice one's art than surrounded by the wonders of nature. Having the opportunity to work in my backyard is a real blessing...

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