Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas

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I was introduced to the world of fiber when my grandmother taught me to sew and embroider as a child.  But it was knitting that really drew me in.  It didn't take long to move from following a pattern to designing my own creations.

Knitting eventually led to felting, and that opened up a whole world of possibilities.  Using wool fiber to create felt fabric is a craft that predates written history, and the methods have largely remained the same.

There are a few modern twists in the variety of techniques to choose from, but I prefer what is called wet felting.  Through the use of heat, water, soap and friction, wool fibers are forced to intertwine and lock together resulting in a strong felted fabric.  Feeling the wool transform in your hands is a thrill, but the real fun is deciding how to use this ancient craft to make something beautiful.

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