Joy Gauss

Joy Gauss

  • Technique: I have created my own alphabet out of drawings, textures, verbiage, colors and shapes. Using this alphabet, I create a New Orleans narrative on the surface of my distinctive, hand built clay forms. I celebrate my muse, New Orleans, and share my appreciation of the richness of nature, history and heritage. 
  • My signature clay shape forms are hand made by me, using a roller, extruder, potters wheel or all three. By carving, drawing, impressing and sculpting, I build my story narrative in layers onto the surface of each clay piece. Clay becomes ceramic during a bisque kiln firing. I hand paint with multiple colors of glaze. I use a very hands on, ancient Japanese firing process called Raku to create a unique aged look. Smoke leaves its own kiss of the kiln.
  • About the Artist: I am a full time clay artist experiencing life in New Orleans, living in the "Black Pearl" in a turquoise studio/house, blessed with many pets and three grandchildren. She is mainly self taught, but has an early ceramics background from Missouri University. I grew up in the mid west, moved to New Orleans (became a sailor), Kansas City (became a mother), Houston (found a big blue sky) and back to stay in New Orleans. Creativity in many forms has always been an important part of my life.  
  •  My art is represented by the Dutch Alley Artists Co-op or visit 

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