Fleur De Lis Porcelain Ornament by Gerald Haessig

Fleur De Lis Porcelain Ornament by Gerald Haessig


Porcelain Ornaments by Gerald Haessig

Discover the distinctive artistry of Gerald Haessig through these handmade porcelain ornaments, each showcasing the Fleur De Lis in a unique distressed fashion. No two ornaments are alike, and the level of distress varies on each piece, adding an individualized touch to every creation.

Elevate your holiday decor with these one-of-a-kind, artistically distressed porcelain ornaments. Experience the charm of imperfection and bring a touch of uniqueness to your festive celebrations. Secure yours today and embrace the craftsmanship of Gerald Haessig's timeless creations.

With delivery included, the cost is $20 an ornament.

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