Artist of the Month :  Kiki Huston

Artist of the Month : Kiki Huston

Kiki Huston - Jeweler 
[email protected]

Many mediums interest me, but I fell in love with the look and feel of silver back in my teen years. My dad was a silversmith, as a hobby and had a small workshop in the basement of our family home. I spent many hours at his work table experimenting and had a thriving business in my high school years, selling jewelry to friends and a small museum shop. When I left home, jewelry making fell by the wayside, though I never stopped experimenting with various mediums. It took about 20 years for me to re-discover my love for silver, and now work as a full-time, jewelry artist in New, Orleans, hand- fabricating my pieces with the tools I inherited from my father. I am primarily self-taught, and use traditional smithing techniques – sawing, hammering, and soldering. I enjoy experimenting in order to discover new ways to incorporate texture, color, and images in my designs. 
I am happy to be a member of Dutch Alley Artists Co-op and the opportunity it provides to meet customers from all over the globe. I want people to wear, and truly love my jewelry. It is so gratifying to have customers contact me or return to the gallery to share tales of their experiences and the meaning that some of my pieces have taken on for them.  That, for me, is success.