Artist of the Month :  Christopher Kirsch

Artist of the Month : Christopher Kirsch

Christopher Kirsch is an accomplished printmaker, papier-mâché sculptor, painter and photographer born and raised in New Orleans, LA. His love for the history, cultural traditions and beauty of his native Louisiana is evident in his career as an artist, which began as a self-taught painter and eventually evolved into his true calling, printmaking.

The artist’s relief prints reflect the sublime natural surroundings of the South Louisiana landscape, inspiring a sense of awe in a delicate world that remains hidden from our daily lives. He uses a combination of linocuts and woodcuts to produce his prints, and his process is time-honored and perfected, allowing for the unique development of each handcrafted piece. He exclusively employs American-made tools and paper, a conscious choice that reveals his uncompromising commitment to high-quality craftsmanship